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Gemscriptor Series

label_ps500 label_dt150

The highest productivity diamond marking machine in the market. This laser marks up to 600 stones and more in one work day, one logo and up to 12 digits (Figures given by our customers). Mark on any type, any size of stones on the girdle or any other place on the diamond. The long life gas deep-UV laser is good for billions of shots, this long life feature is your guarantee to a profitable business. Meet the lowest cost price per marked unit.

The DT-150 is a compact, desktop sized, maintenance free laser engraving machine for low volume production (up to 200 stones a day). Its consumption is lower than 200 Watts. It features a solid-state infrared laser and uses the same software as the PS-500 and PS-300 machines.

document-pdf-icone-6313-32Download PS-500 PDF datasheet document-pdf-icone-6313-32Download DT-150 PDF datasheet