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Gemscriptor PS-500


The highest productivity diamond marking machine in the market. This laser marks up to 600 stones and more in one work day, one logo and up to 12 digits (Figures given by our customers). Mark on any type, any size of stones on the girdle or any other place on the diamond. The long life gas deep-UV laser is good for billions of shots, this long life feature is your guarantee to a profitable business. Meet the lowest cost price per marked unit.

  • Cold UV laser, no risks of hurting even the purest stone, we guarantee this
  • Direct writing, no protection need, speed up your marking, very high productivity
  • Complete machine, all needed accessories are built inside the machine, save space
  • Personalise, identify, decorate, print pictures, import any logo or drawing, write in any language
  • Fully automated gas exchange procedure.
  • Gem authentication and identification
  • Long life metal-ceramic resonator (One Billion shots)
  • Mark any type of gem, pearls, etc on any side on Rounds, Pears, Marquise, Emerald, Princess…
  • Mark mounted stones on rings, earrings ...
  • No need for a coating before marking
  • Easy to operate even by unskilled workers
  • Direct control of the inscription on the vision system in order to control while programming and inscribing the gem.
  • High productivity, mark 600 stones and more in a day
  • No patent infringement
  • Deep UV laser, cold ablation, no danger of damaging a stone
  • Extra fine marking with line width of 3 to 10 microns
  • Choose any letter and or logo height ( 2 mm)
  • Import of any characters (All True type fonts) logos and DXF format drawings
  • Focus adjust is easy and visible on the screen, no need to focus each letter or marking
document-pdf-icone-6313-32Download PS-500 PDF datasheet